Sir Cam Lawbringer

A Dragonborn knight in charge of a small skirmishing force called Gregor's Daggers


Sir Cam Lawbringer stands about 6’5” and weighs about 300 lbs. He is covered in bronze scaly hide and wears black scale armor. Behind his brow are crest of hornlike scales of various lengths resembles thick, ropy hair. His eyes are a dark shade of red. When Cam has unleashes his mighty breath weapon heritage it projectiles acid.

Sir Cam Lawbringer has sworn an oath to Lord Gregor Von Lerron to hunt down the mage Dox’ilbis. Cam keeps his past to himself. Prior to the assault of the mage Dox’ilbis, Cam was on a quest to find his love Kava, who is an enslaved female Dragonborn by an evil man known as Pius.


Sir Cam Lawbringer

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