Hillfast's Legacy

One Night in Neverwinter

As the party makes their separate ways back to the Winged Scourge, Cam finds himself at the Temple of Tempus. At the center of a growing crowd is the battle savvy Karthas, unmoving, as though petrified in prayer. Attempts to awaken Karthas have been met with consequences as simple as a shock to the eventual barrier of blades, which danced and whirled. After some time, the barrier dissolves and Kathas slumps over. After determining that he is not ill, Cam scoops him up and carries him back to dock where the ship is berthed.

A procession of Tempus followers extends several blocks behind Cam as he walks. Arriving at the boat, several party members have varying iterations of a vision in a wheat field. Karthas is placed in his rack and Glorfindall is charged with his wellbeing.

The next morning the party moves to act upon the intelligence collected the previous evening. They find a warehouse on the wharves, owned by the same merchant that traded in Hillfast. Entering illegally, they discover that the warehouse contains the most mundane cargo, but that the ledger seemed to have some overpriced items, all being sold to the same noble.

Moving on to an import/export shop with some shady ties to an arms dealer (Sharshan), the party convinces the shop keeper that a meeting with his weapons maker (Modra) was in order. The time was set for sundown the next night. With that the party returned to their ship.



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