Welcome to Hillfast’s Legacy.

This game started off as a bit of a joke. We were looking for a replacement game for our regular Thursday night crowd. The three of us ended up discussing D&D’s 4th Edition and WotC’s decision to move forward on DnDNext. So we threw together some 4E characters as the two players had never played 4E. After some messing around they hit upon some characters that they wanted to play. And after twenty years I returned to the DM’s chair.

This campaign is a bit of a mashup of a few things. 4E gets a bad rap as a combat heavy system, but this party is very roleplay/plot driven. It takes place in the small town of Hillfast on the edge of the Lurkwood. There are politics in play, the court of Neverwinter has taken an interest in Hillfast and a standing army is encamped within the Lurkwood. Hillfast has been sacked by a power mad lich and its residents are out for blood, led by Gregor Von Lerron. Von Lerron’s vanguard company is his Daggers, led by Cam Lawbringer (PC). This group is hot on the trail of the lich Dox’ilbis.

Why do the recent events in Hillfast matter? Is this the beginning of some world shattering event? This is Hillfast’s Legacy. I hope you enjoy it.

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Or you can read about each session here (it has been pointed out to me that “session” is a bit of a misnomer, sessions are generally several game nights) :
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Episode 13…(20-05-2013)
So we’re a year into the campaign and the party has been through a lot. They’ve moved from level 4 up to level 9, some PCs have been replaced and added a full time company member. The players have learned a bit about 4E and created a really fun group of PCs. The party has beaten back marauders, assassins, and creatures from the Shadowfell. They’ve survived an attack by a lich, an encounter with a dragon, an aspect of a goddess, and broken a city besieged. They’ve escaped burning towers, burning taverns, exploding caverns and pools of blessed urine.

Basically, this party has a higher than normal flammable objects quota.

Epsiode 15…(27-09-2013)
The party is really beginning to shine in a lot of respects. We have about sixteen months in and the party is cresting into Paragon level. Individually, Cam the dragonborn (played by Jack) who masqueraded early on as a knight, is truly a landed noble now. His faithful squire Hubert, (played by Steve) has abandoned him during the Siege of Luskan. Fortunately, Mal, the tactically minded Pixie (Steve’s replacement character) has filled a role sorely lacking in the party quite nicely. The Eladrin mage, Allistar (played by Tony) has been slowly hoarding the components he needs over overcome his poor little pink magic missile (running joke) and ascend to lichdom. Glorfindall (summarily played by Eric, or whomever is at the game that night) is the uber healer and that has kept the party in every fight. Two of the party’s original strikers have been off-ed to advance some plot points. The first, Sibrand (Geoff), a ranger, has been replaced by a far more interesting monk, Vasq, who suffers from divine visions from the Raven Queen. The second, Rook (Carl), was kind of a fun character who had to die (for doing a job). Carl brought a shadow jacking assassin, Cicero, who does some amazing feats and strikes fear into opponents unlucky enough to cast a shadow. The newest party member, Karthas (Mario), is a veteran dwarven warrior who is building a mercenary company to further the glory of Tempus. He would also be the portable blender when the party gets into a fight. Where is the party headed next? Well now that they have bases of operations in Hillfast, Luskan, and aboard the Winged Scourge that is a great question! They are at a fork in the road, stay in Neverwinter and tackle the Underdark or take to the seas and settle some old scores in Waterdeep? Check back and see what they decided. (None of my players read this…I hope.)

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for stopping by and checking out our game.

Hillfast's Legacy

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