NeverwinterThe first settlement in the Savage Frontier was an elven kingdom known as Illefarn. Illefarn would become a bustling nation around the time of the Crown Wars. Illefarn would last long enough to see the founding of Gauntlgrym and the harnessing of Maegera the Inferno beneath its lands. Eventually, Illefarn would be divided into three nations, of which Iliyanbruen was the most prominent.

Ilyanbruen would constantly be at war with Illusk, which was powered by the Netherese. The Netherese city of Xinlenal would then crash in Ilyanbruen territories where it would remain hidden for thousands of years. Ilyanbruen would be weakened by Orc invasions, which would pave the path to allow for Eigersstor, the first settlement of the area which would later be called Neverwinter.

Many years ago, the forces of Neverwinter were involved in a battle with the King of Shadows. None of the men sent into combat survived the battle, although the garrison at Fort Locke survived a demonic onslaught.

In 1372 DR the city succumbed to the Wailing Death, a disease that resisted magical healing and killed most of the population of the city. The cure was eventually found but the casualties by that time were catastrophic.

It was soon discovered that the Wailing Death was merely the precursor of war between Neverwinter and its enemy, the city of Luskan. Although it was the Sarrukh Queen Morag who sponsored the war, rather than the Host Tower of the Arcane, the fighting (which ended in a stalemate, thanks to a plucky adventurer known only as the Hero of Neverwinter) soured the relationship between the two cities even more.

Despite this, a shaky relationship between Neverwinter and Luskan was reestablished until an upstart Host Tower mage named Black Garius attempted to raise an undead army to conquer Neverwinter, ostensibly in the name of the King of Shadows. Again, an adventurer put an end to the plans of Black Garius and defeated the King of Shadows once and for all.

Unfortunately the conflict, which came to be known as the Shadow War, left the economy of the Sword Coast North in tatters, and its security was in doubt due to the deaths of so many Greycloaks during the fighting. This made it a great opportunity for an enterprising Samarachan mercantile house led by a woman named Sa’Sani. Under her leadership, and with the assistance of a group of adventurers, the Neverwinter region’s economy was brought back to health by the end of the Year of Lightning Storms.

Mayor Somam Galt (Dwarf), Lord Dagult Neverember (open lord of Waterdeep)


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