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  • Sir Cam Lawbringer, a Dragonborn knight with a cause and a secret. Currently ranks Commander in King Hamil’s Luskan Army and is charged with special operations warfare for the King. The party also has detailed to it, the Winged Scourge, captained by Syed El.
  • Maledixit-ala, a Pixie warlord who uses his size and flight to best coordinate the efforts of the party. Currently ranks Lead Yeoman and is attached to Cam’s Daggers.
  • Allistar, a cocksure mage with a sadistic streak. Currently ranks as WarMage in the Luskan Army.
  • Glorfindall, a battlefield medic who has seen too much death for one lifetime. Currently ranks as a BattleMedic in the Luskan Army.
  • Karthas Ironnose, a hard nosed dwarf with a passion for battle. Currently ranks as Captain in the Luskan Army and leads the Company of the Foehammer.
  • Cicero, a mysterious explorer with ties to the Raven Queen.
  • Vasq, a peaceful warrior with a dark past.


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House Rules:
  • Flight:
    • Since several of the characters will have access to flight, it was time to take a look at what is defined as flight and how to manage it. It was determined that flight consists of several movements based on vector.
    • There is the sustained movement of “Hover”, it costs the PC a movement action to maintain the altitude with no change in direction.
    • There is lateral movement, or “Flight”, at the character’s “fly speed”, with no change in altitude.
    • There is “Climbing Flight”, with the same penalty as the mundane movement, half the movement penalty.
    • And “Diving Flight”, which allows for double the “fly speed” in movement in a downward direction. Double moves and charging have the same penalties.
    • So with a “fly speed” of 6, a PC could hover, move 6 laterally, climb 3, or dive 12, charge laterally 8, double move laterally 12, or climbing charge of 4.

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