Gregor's Daggers

Sir Gregor’s newly commissioned army breaks camp and a vangaurd force, Gregor’s Daggers, is sent out under the sturdy leadership of Sir Cam Lawbringer, rapidly becoming one of Gregor’s trusted banner men.

Cam’s man-at-arms, his squire, Hubert seems to have a problem with dwarven ale and buxom women.

The company’s warmage, Allistar, is a slightly aloof mage with a deadly pink missile.

The company also has a cleric, Glorfindall, a radiant being with a ardent faith in the Platinum Dragon that manifests in powerful attacks.

Providing safe passage, Sibrand, acts as lead ranger and scout. He has aquitted himself of being quite skilled with short swords.

In addition, the group has added a private contractor, Rook, who is operating as a treasure hunter for the Court of Neverwinter.

Gregor's Daggers

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