Cam's Daggers

With the passing of Gregor, Hamil’s vanguard element falls to Cam.

Baron Cam Lawbringer, a fierce dragonborn knight, recently promoted to Knight-Commander, entitled by Gregor with lands and treasure.

His aide-de-camp is Captain Karthas Ironnose, a devout follower of Tempus and brutal foe in battle. Karthas is also charged with the company of marines currently protecting the Tower of Blood Island in Luskan.

First Ranger, Maledixit-ala, is a tactical adviser and attached to the Cam’s Daggers.

Yeoman Sergeant Cicero, is the sharp point of the Dagger’s. Usually, well ahead of the party and he melts into the shadows before delivering devastating blows.

The company’s Warmage, Allistar, has become a specialist in magical warfare, supplementing the muscle and steel in the front lines of combat.

The company also has a Battle Medic, Glorfindall. A powerful healer, who does his utmost to keep the party on its feet.

Finally, tasked with interpreting the Lady’s Will, Vasq, the party’s spiritual warrior maintains a quiet but deadly demeanor.

Cam's Daggers

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