A diminutive scout with black and silver gossamer wings.


Standing at a 13" tall (impressive for his species) with hulking muscles, Maledixit-ala is a somewhat imposing figure. His dark blonde hair is cropped close to his head and his beard is kept neat and well trimmed even in the field. His most striking feature is his wings. Instead of the gossamer butterfly wings of his people his are the glossy wings of a beetle. The Spines and veins are the color of tarnished silver, while the transparent portions are smokey glass. In flight, particularly when at speed or diving, the buzz they make reminds one of an angry bee.

Normally found in his leather armor, he is seldom in finer dress, and even then he appears almost embarrassed in it. His weapons are well cared for even when on the campaign trail.


Little is known about Maladixit-ala before he joined Hamill and his quest to pacify the northern territory. What is common knowledge is that Hamill met with him in private when he offered to join. Rumor has it that he is of noble blood or belongs to a high house.

During the early stages of the siege of Luskin, the few scouts that he lead were distrustful of his abilities. This distrust vanished quickly as battle after battle Maladixit-ala guided his small force to victory. As the siege began to stagnate, Maladixit-ala requested and was given permission to scout within the walls of the city. Alone he faced this task a dozen times before a small group, called Cam’s Dagger’s, were able to infiltrate the city and help breach the gate. Hearing of such bravery Maladixit-ala quickly sought them out and joined them.

Maladixit-ala is slow to anger, and even slower to forgive. He champions the weak and the abused.


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