Karthas Ironnose

"Tempus thanks you and I thank Tempus"


Karthas is a stocky and thick dwarf. His skin is tan and his hair and bread are a long and thick dark gray. There are a number of scars on his face, arms, legs and hands. On his left biceps is a tattoo of the symbol of Tempus. The long sword extends from the base of his bicep to his shoulder, It is engulfed in red and yellow flames.
On his right arm a tattoo symbol of a rusty brown dagger, shown diagonally with its point to the upper right, dripping four drops of blood. His eyes are steel gray and aged, this facial expression is always one of determination and readiness.


History, the male members of his family have long been part of the clergy of the Lord of Battle. Although his path did not bring him to be a priest of Tempus, he serves his Lord, as a warrior. A member of the order of the Steel Fang. Growing up in the Temple of Tempus was not a normal life for a child no matter what race. There was no playtime there was only training in weapons, fists and mind.

This father told him, “Although you are one with the Lord of Battle, he only will bless those that are smart warriors. Warriors that going looking for battle for the sake of battle will not last long, but those that use their minds as there weapons will find riches and glory in the land of Tempus.” Trained and tested from earlier childhood, the future soldiers of the Steel Fang where no different then a sword being created. Heated, beaten and cooled. There skin was the Steel and their instructor’s wood swords the hammer that pressed the skim and muscle into the killing weapon he was now.

His teachings, still sit in the front of his mind. Clear as the day he first learned them.
“Tempus does not win battles, he helps the deserving warrior win battles. War is fair in that it oppresses and aids all equally and that in any given battle, a mortal may be slain or become a great leader among his or her companions.
It should not be feared, but seen as a natural force, a human force, the storm that civilization brings by its very existence. Arm all for whom battle is needful, even foes. Retreat from hopeless fights but never avoid battle. Slay one foe decisively and halt a battle quickly rather
than rely upon slow attrition or the senseless dragging on of hostilities. Remember the dead that fell before you.
Defend what you believe in, lest it be swept away. Disparage no foe and respect all, for valor blazes in all regardless of age, sex, or race. Tempus looks with favor upon those that acquit themselves honorably in battle without resorting to such craven tricks as destroying homes, family, or livestock when a foe is away or attacking from the rear.
Consider the consequences of the violence of war, and do not wage war recklessly. The smooth-tongued and fleet of feet that avoid all strife and never defend their beliefs wreak more harm than the most energetic tyrant, raider, or horde leader."

To him the rules where every clear, that these were the words of the Lord of Battle himself.
Be fearless, look into the eyes of your enemy and show him that you will know no fear. Gaze into this soul and find the fear that is there and use it against him.

In the clutches of war there is only those that live and those that join Tempus in the eternal battle in the heaves. Never turn away from a fight, In time those that you turn away from will return, take care of them when you can and never give them the chance to make you regret that choice. Most of all, Obey the rules of war, For without those, you are nothing more then a murder killing for the love of killing. An assassin, a warrior without honor or code. They spit in the face of the Lord of Battle.

He has been in a number of battles during his time with the order, these are some of the battle hardened clergymen and followers to the Church. Assigned to the most dangerous duties, he has
also served in a few mercenary companies, the last being The Flaming Fists out of Bladur’s Gate.

During his adventures with the Order, he came across his weapon of choice. A two handed battle axe he calls, “Issag tudd” or in the common tougue, “Frost Tooth”. Frost Tooth is a Frost brand weapon and when the head of his blade sinks deep it has been known to freeze the wound and the skin around it. The weapon can also summon a blast of hail and freezing wind from it as well.

There is a rumor or legend that with Issag Tudd in his hands, Karthas has marched, charaged and run through the mightest flames and even stood his ground in the face of a Mage’s fireball only to have some of his gray hair burned and smoking while he has charged and cleaved said mage in two.

During his time in the Flaming Fists, This unit that he was with, not in charge of, were hired to protect a wealthy merchant’s shipment of goods. The shipment was ambushed and the group killed. He was left for dead during that encounter, since then the search has continued for that group of Hill Giants and there leader, Lorthar. He has come across other groups that have run into them but no one has been able to trace back where they make their base of operations.

  • Karthas’ words
    My time with this group has been strange and filled with both direction and purpose. Tempus, favors this knight, Cam as it seems that there is a great destiny that awaits him. Battles of epic size and weight hang in the balance as we follow the path that seems to have been set before us by the Gods, themselves. Visions of great battle, where this group is surround on all sides by enemies. It matters not, as we cut, smash and hammer our way through them. The bodies stack like cord wood and piles are high. All matter of creatures lay around us dead, as Cam continues this quest for the Gods. Lord Tempus’ will is being done and I must be ascending in favor. For it is not lightly that the Foehammer would send his mighty Hammer to the Realm to be wielded by someone so lowly. Whelm is but an extension of the Lord of Battle, part of his will and if you step strong it will let you know.
    With sites set on Neverwinter by this Lord, Sir Cam’s work for his Will has become interesting. The Steel Dagger’s, whose home is made within this city, will not go without a fight so terrible that this army will be well bloodied. I will not allow the city to be taken by this man. So, I begin to recruit from within. All Warriros that follow or pray to the Lord of Battle, I ask you: “do you believe these man of the sword will follow”? This Lord and Man or the avatar of Tempus? We shall see. But I am sure a great battle will follow and Mighty Tempus will be pleased.

After my transformation, There has been some confusion as to the direction we are needed to go to once again bring Honor back to the House of Tempus. The visions of the battlefield and the large spiders watching over it led him to believe that the direction that I and the group needed to go was into the Underdark. With information the we did travel to that terrible place. As soon as we got into the area there are undead that attacked, this was a glorious battle, it was not easy but war never is. After removing that threat, the choice was made to go back into the city of Neverwinter and see if we could find anything about this gem that I removed.

Karthas Ironnose

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