A revenant assassin with dual loyalties.


He is slightly taller than average for human, but quite thin. He looks a little pale, but only so much as someone who doesn’t see a lot of sun, as opposed to a deathly pallor. He wears surprisingly common clothes, like you might see on someone not quite to the level of a merchant, but neither the rags of a serf. He wears no visible armor, and only carries a curved knife on his right thigh. He looks almost depressingly non-threatening.


As a young firesoul Genasi, Cicero had a strong sense of wanderlust, leading to his near-constant explorations of his world. It was during one of these walkabouts that he accidentally discovered a portal to the Fey Realm. Finding himself utterly lost an ill prepared to survive in such a surreal and hostile realm, he feared he would die. Near starvation outside of the Winter city of Gamradh, he was discovered by a knight of the court. This pivotal event would change Cicero’s life (and unlife) forever.

In exchange for healing, lodging, food, and protection, he swore “unending allegiance” to the Unseelie Court. As he was desperate, he didn’t think anything of it, and for a year and a day, he had nearly free run of the court, unaware that he was incurring further and further debt. After that period of calmness, he was informed that it was time to pay his debts.

Rituals and blood oaths were sworn and he soon found himself in the employ of the Court as an assassin. In order to complete his missions, he sought equipment and further training, digging himself deeper. The Court was more than willing to oblige him; not simply because favors owed were power, but also because he was very good at his job. When an attempt to assassinate a high ranking noble in the Summer Court resulted in his death, he figured that his debt was over. After all, he was dead.

He was very, very wrong.

After an eternity (or a day), he was informed by the Raven Queen herself that his services were required. One of the spirits she had sent back had lost his memory and wasn’t fulfilling his assigned tasks. In order to set things straight, he was to return to the world and “guide” this confused revenant.

Cicero once again found himself back in the world, and soon met with Vasq, posing as a simple wanderer and traveling companion. He had only been back in the world a few days when he found a mysterious note in his backpack. It was written in the secret script of the Unseelie Court and said, “Welcome back, Cicero.”

He now finds himself split between two patrons. While the Court hasn’t contacted him since, he knows it’s only a matter of time before his “uncommon talents” are called upon again.


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