Hubert the Squire

A Human Squire


Human male in his late twenties. Dark blonde hair cropped close to the scalp. He appears to have a perpetual 2 day growth of beard. While his care of his weapons and armor are as detailed as those he pays to his masters, his attention to personal hygiene is lax at best.


Hubert was a conscript in a war he never learned the name of or the meaning to. He is only aware that at a young age he, his father and elder brother were gathered up and handed spears. Three days later they were marched into an ambush and his troop slaughtered. He himself was spared death only to be imprisoned for taking up arms against his rightful lord.

Months later he and the few dozen men that had been taken prisoner were released after renewing their vows to a lord. Hubert was certain the oath was the same he had sworn when he was conscripted. He and the men returned to their lands to find them burned and ravaged. Hubert was counted among the lucky when he found his mother’s body. At least he could put her to rest.

The next few years Hubert drifted from army to war band. From war band to bandit camp. From bandit camp to town guard. From town guard to wandering sell sword. He was never exceptional with a blade but always managed to survive. That’s when he meet Cam and became his squire. He has learned a few skills from the dragonborn knight and now makes for a half decent soldier, if he could follow orders.

Hubert on Cam “Decent enough for a dragonborn. Though that’s not saying much. I mean I don’t have to worry about retirement. Once I’m no longer useful he’ll eat me. What? it’s in the name. DRAGON – born. Dragons eat people.”

Hubert on Gorge “Most noble creature to ever stab you in the back to get ahead in this world.”

Hubert on the Daggers “What? Are they calling us now? <sigh> That’s done it. It’s always the named troops that die horrible.”

Hubert on Names “Don’t use them. As much fighting as I’ve seen and been a part of, names are what get a soul dead. That’s why I call everyone by there duty or title. When, not if, when they die it’s easier to put them to ground and move on. Just wish I could find something that sounds better than ‘Pasty’ for the new lad. He seems to take offense to me not wanting to jinx him.”

Hubert on the Dwarf “Great way to make an introduction, strike the squire. Noble follower of Tempus my rear.”

Hubert on the Lich “It not dead. Evil don’t go so easy. Never has, never will.”

Hubert the Squire

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