Slightly EMO appearance to Allistar, dark clothes, Grey hair with a slightly sadistic smile.


Who knows if Allistar is truly his name, but it is the only name he has ever given?

Allistar arrived near Hillfast and offered his abilities to some puffy Lord; Hamil Von Lerron. What brought Allistar to Hillfast is his own business and he doesn’t seem to want to share any information with his “companions.” The only thing Allistar has shared with anyone is his pink missile, his piercing pink missile, of death. His Magic Missile spell has been altered slightly to fire pink projectiles of death instead of the rather mundane, blue bolt of energy. When one of his spells causes death, Allistar seems to smile just a bit, for his own private enjoyment.

Well Hamil, Lord Puffy Pants himself, decided the create a special group and wanted Allistar’s epic abilities to be apart of, so he placed Allistar under some ass hat’s command. Sir Cam Lawbringer, a dragonborn with a quarter staff stuck so far up his ass, that he walks around with perfect posture all the time. That ass hat stupidly decided to talk down to Allistar, after their first battle together. It’s not like Allistar fireballed him or anything. Since then there has been this tension between them.

Now Allistar orginally had plans of just taking him out, but if he did Lord Puffy Pants would only assign another Ass-Hati-in-Charge, so he thought he might as well deal with the “Wormborn” he had rather then with what ever putrid infested ass hat that replaced him.

At present, he is off to kill some mad lich with the Wormborn and some others; who are not even worth mentioning.

This should be interesting.


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