Hillfast's Legacy

This is not a Cheers Episode.

You did what? again.

And where do I start with this recap. Seriously…it’s all too bizarre.

The party left Longsaddle and were joined by a human named Wilhim, a fellow traveler seeking the safety in numbers on the open road. Later in the day, Wilhim pulled off the road to meet his employer/master, a cheerful dwarf named Irme. Irme sets out a meal for the party, while the mage and treasure hunter choose to catch up on their rest (it was a late night for the mage with his two, I mean one new friends). Either there was some bad fish or everyone had the same strange dream about Carrion Crawlers, because the entire party seemed to be thinking the same thing. The party procures a fast forward of sorts from the kindly dwarf; who, for a tidy sum, transported them to the Splendor of the North, Waterdeep.

Out and about, the party meets up with Kreelo, a charming and gregarious entrepreneur who points them in the direction of the quarry. While the party literally stands at the gates of the lich’s house in Waterdeep, he goes about his day, as a man who pays no attention to ants.

The party decides not to rush the house, but instead takes up Kreelo’s offer of cards later in the day. Arriving at the Splitthead Tavern, Kreelo arrives with Hubert, having found him lost in the streets. The dragonborn suspects some treachery and tests Hubert with some basic questions. When Hubert fails to correctly identify Glorfindall as the knight’s favorite person, he is promptly attacked with a spray of acid. The patrons flee and the fight progresses. Hubert, backed into a corner and suffering a variety of injuries makes way for the door, only to be frozen in place and then zapped to death by the unimpressive bar owner, Tawney. Cam, thoroughly enraged at the presumed collusion with Kreelo presses the inquiry to the point of engaging Kreelo in combat. Kreelo retreats to the now crowded public streets after slaying the dragonborn knight. Allistar attempts to intercept the fleet footed human by teleporting in front of him, only to be stabbed in the side and watch Kreelo disappear into a mist.

So where does that leave the party?

  • The treasure hunter is back at the inn, resting comfortably.
  • The knight is bleeding out on the floor of the bar.
  • The squire is missing and/or a dead changeling assassin in the doorway of the tavern.
  • The ranger is checking out a book at the local library.
  • The mage is pissed that Kreelo slipped away.
  • And…..the cleric…praying at the temple many miles away from combat, while his comrades are dying.



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