Hillfast's Legacy

The Taking of Blood Island Tower

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

After surviving the golem laboratory, the party enters the lowest point of the tower, a room well lit by two giant flaming spheres. Cautiously, the party investigates the room, opening closets and an arcane dissection room. Having tripped some sort of safety mechanism, the living spheres move about the room doing quite a lot of damage to the flammable party.
Pius’ brother comes down to investigate only to be shadow-jacked by Cicero, and promptly put down by the damage dealing party members.

Moving up past the Ground Floor and the Second Floor, the party’s progress is barred by a pair of stone golems guarding what appears to be an arcane library. Having dealt with lesser golems a few floors down, the party concentrates on taking them down one at a time. The library is well stocked and even has a potions table and journaling desk. Careful investigation of the walls, reveals a hidden apartment in the outer perimeter of the floor. Allistar takes a spell book, that proves useful when arriving at the tower’s top floor.

A ritual table has been constructed on the flat, arch covered roof of the tower. Various energy streams are being sucked from the walls and fused over top of the table. Four mages stand at cardinal directions, chanting and guiding the rituals while four drow body guards line the perimeter. It doesn’t take the party too long to defeat the guards and kill enough of the mages to destabilize the ritual, causing the energy to swell and buck. Most of the party takes advantage of their ability to leap off of the top of the tower, while Allistar sets his mind to defraying the amassed energy before it spiked.

Wrestling with the raw power, the Warmage successfully vents off enough to prevent the entire ritual area from exploding. The rest of the party carefully listens for the inevitable ka-boom, which never comes. Allistar, is the hero of the day, saving the Tower and quite possibly half of the city.

The party regroups and secures the tower, seeing the war front coming to the neighboring Market. The party takes on some gang members and insurrectionists in the marketplace, making short work of them. The war effort is drawing to a close as the day ends and the party seeks out their lord.

Welcomed as the man who broke the city’s defenses, Sir Cam is welcomed to the palace and into the King’s confidence. Promoted to Commander for his valiant effort he is rewarded with the deed to the Tower of Blood Island. Karthas, acquitting himself as a fine warrior, is charged with a company of marines, which he promptly names the “Company of the Foehammer”. The Pixie tactician is promoted to Lead Yeoman and reports to the Lord’s General, but is still billeted to Cam’s Daggers. Cicero and Vasq are commissioned in the army as a Scout and as a Black Feather Chaplin. Vasq is also given the task of rebuilding the Temple to the Raven Queen.

The King shares his vision of expansion to the south and charges the Daggers with the task of determining the disposition of Neverwinter. With that Captain El and the Winged Scourge make ready to receive the company and make sail to the south.

Arriving in Neverwinter, the group disembarks and makes their separate ways into town.
Karthas heads to the Temple of Tempus, to seek guidance for the fearsome power he now wields in Whelm. Mal, Cicero, and Alistar investigate the Chasm and Mal grabs a bit of earthmote. Vasq shows up at a sparring center and shows some cocky young men why you never underestimate the guy with the staff.



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