Hillfast's Legacy

The Chant of Valkryies

“…kor-ah, syahd-ho. rah-tah-mah, daan-yah. kor-ah, kee-lah, daan-yah…”

Drifting in space, falling, the senses overcome. Like in those battle-rage moments, feeling the power of Tempus coursing through the veins like consumed lightening, every sight intensely colored, every smell heightened, sounds thundering in my ears, the chant “Kor-ah, Daa-nyah. Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah. Nyo-hah, Kee-lah, Kor-ah, Rah-tah-mah…. I was a sword in the fist” resounding …in the presence of my Lord Tempus, I can almost reach up and touch his….

CRASH! the dwarf lands on the assistant Lab Keeper, killing him outright. The rest of the party floats, glides, flies down into the laboratory and are attacked by the Tower Guardians.

The broken dwarf lies centrally in lab. Glorfindall quickly moves to straddle him and defend the fallen warrior. Maledixit-ala takes cover in the shadow of the stately deva and prepares to guide the battlefield. Sir Cam takes the frontal assault and charges one of the abominations meaning to decimate it in single combat. Meanwhile across the room, the servants of the Raven Queen prepare their own band of attach against one of the other monsters. Cicero tests the creature’s defenses before turning its own shadow against it, strangling it and dragging it back and forth in combat. Maledixit-ala exploits the dragonborn’s tenancy to back off of his adversary after striking the thing to ground. The pixie uses his years of military service to call out precision strikes that continue to weaken the flesh monstrosity. Allistar, does what Allistar does best, ranged support strikes. Repeatedly, fuchsia and salmon colored rounds slam into the lab from the surface doing predictable damage to the enemy.

As we left off, the party was almost depleted of their special attacks and two of the bruisers were seriously injured. The final two had been successfully repulsed by the combat medic….



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