Hillfast's Legacy

The Trap is Set!

Me, the lich, and my doom.

In the aftermath of keeping the town watch on the street and out of his bar, Tawny closes the Splitthead Tavern for the day. With no one to keep tabs on him, he proceeds to move all of the liquor from the bar into his magical bag. Sibrand, Allistar, and Rook return to the bar to confront the mysterious barman about his apparent slaying of a party member. Sibrand and Tawny get into a heated exchange as the knight returns after getting bandaged up. Stepping into the middle of a full on interrogation, Cam waits for a moment to break into the conversation and refocus his people.

Waiting a minute too long, Tawny has had enough and creates a protective barrier of flames. Within seconds, Allistar has put out half the flames starting to spread across the floor with streaks of ice, then promptly disappears. On his heels Rook, beats feet for the back door. Sibrand, now assured he is dealing with a dangerous man, quick draws his sword and stabs the bar keep. Cam, always the tactician, puts out the rest of the flames with a blast of icy wind and juxtaposes positions with Tawny, now standing toe to toe with the ranger.
The shock of the rapidly unfolding events, draws the group back together and it is revealed that Hubert had infiltrated the bar and taken on the guise of the bar keep for the meeting with Kreelo. Now the planning to take down the Lich began in earnest. Several plans were crafted and discarded as outright foolishness, then only one was left.

Cam, Sibrand, Allistar, and Rook would take their horses and ride north to find Gregor’s Army and set an ambush for the lich at the roadside hitch where Imre the dwarf had teleported them to Waterdeep. Hubert, the ever faithful squire, would in four days time, approach the lich and attempt to lure him into the prepared trap. Upon approaching the lich’s residence, he is not slain on the spot and actually invited into the home.

Will the party prevail? Will Dox’ilbis be brought to justice? Until next time…



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