Hillfast's Legacy

One Town, Slightly Toasted

Welcome to Hillfast, a lovely town (when it’s not on fire).

So the party arrived at Hillsfast and immediately split up (always a good plan). Simbrand was left in the woods to scout for signs of the Lich.
Glorfindal and Allister went into town to explore the undamaged section; which primarily consisted of the Market District. They found the shop that sold the Lich his flying carpet and seemed to have a great number of exotic magical items for sale. They headed back out of town to see if they could locate the knight and his squire.

Cam and Hubert went to explore the explode tower on the out skirts of the town. They found a secreted door on the main level that took them down to a subbasement that seems to be under construction. They worked on the obstructed area until the rest of the party rejoined them in the digging out process.

The four heroes of our tale were ambushed be some rather meddlesome shadow bats. Quick thinking and some unorthodox uses of Continual Light and the bats were ultimately subdued. The party was able to mostly avoid the deadly doomspores that grew on the side of the cliff wall and found themselves surprising a group of dark creepers.
The dark creepers and their witch task master were completely engrossed in their conservation duties when the party descended upon these poor hapless working class denizens. During the course of the slaughter, the shadow hounds were butchered (a crime in most planes as they are endangered). The party having sated its bloodlust, settled in to rest and take stock of the room.

(continuation of day)

One of the piles of crates is knocked off its perch by Simbrand timely appearance, having found a blind trapdoor in the game reserve above. The battle may have taken a bit out of Cam and Allister as they curled up together and took a nap.

The rest of the party went on to explore the cool shimmery portal in the middle of the room and the crates of (as they learn by cracking a few open) weapons from the same forgemaster (hence the groovey maker’s mark found throughout the stock). They also learned that it was not an Arc of Disintegration (so, so very tempting though), but that it was some cool (Gauntlet styled) Teleportation Ring (of course if you looked at the map there were big letters that said that). The party entered a new room and found two additional portals, one silvery (like the one they just used and therefore by game logic, safe) and one with inky blackness. While rubber necking (like tourists), the party was surprised by three additional dark creepers who appeared from the black portal. They were dispatched relatively quickly and the party moved on to creating a lovely (and pointy) piece of art (read:trap) in front of the black portal as a surprise to anyone passing through it. Bopping through the second silver portal, the party found themselves inside of a huge (magically imbued) warehouse with row upon row of crates of weapons. Investigating the warehouse they also found a small caché of magical items.

The warehouse sits in the Market District of Hillfast and has the same “Ӎ” as the weapons. Glorfindal had his Unseen Servant start moving crates through the portals and into the underground storerooms.

Glorfindal and Simbrand made their way back to Gregor’s army to report the happenings in Hillsfast. Simbrand offered the weapons warehouse up to Gregor and the cleric speculated that the weapons were for an undead army (yet to be raised). Gregor summoned Cam to report as it was stated in the conversation that he was sleeping while the company was exploring and looking for clues to the lich’s whereabouts.



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