Hillfast's Legacy

Look Boss! de Dragon! de Dragon...

What the hell just happened?

A side note, the Dagger’s have collected a treasure hunter who is seeking the flying carpet the lich took. His name is Rook and he seems remarkable lucky, having stumbled upon a great sword with some cryptic runes inscribed on it. Once the party is reassembled and Gorge Lawbringer is sent off to report to Gregor, road is paved south towards Longsaddle.

Welcome to Longsaddle, a lovely town when it’s not on fire…

The party arrives at Trader’s Gate on the north end of Longsaddle. With all the peculiar things going on, the guards insist on the party surrendering their weapons. Cam persuades them to allow his faithful squire to enter the gates to purchase provisioning, while the remaining party stays with the horses outside the walls.

Hubert meets with the refugees, who are being quartered in a ghetto, and provides arms and reassures them that Gregor’s Army will be there soon. Hubert’s exit from town is stalled when the Gate Sergeant smacks him in the face for insolence. A full on fight ensues. Cam, Allister, and newcomer Rook ascend the wall and quickly defeat the three guards assigned to the Gate. Before the last guard falls, he calls out an alarm and more town guard respond to the Trader’s Gate.

Another troop of six arrives to find their fallen comrades, broken and bloodied on the road. Hubert has secreted himself within a neighboring building and prepares a massive attack on the guards. Rook makes the most of their arrival and blasts them, before they know what is happening Rook is behind them, killing one and feasting on the soul of another. Allister uses his dainty pink missile to slay another and some felled flying beast harasses Cam. The fearless treasure hunter and the war mage make quick work out of the remaining guard, but receive a fair number of quarrels for their trouble. Allister takes the opportunity to attack the flying creature with his deadly accurate missile again only to be punished by the monster’s near fatal reprisal attack. Next it executes a wall shattering concussive attack and then the dragonborn disappears.

When all is said and nine of the town guard lay dead in the streets and only the war mage’s unconscious body is discovered on top of the wall.

The party regroups in the Broken Barrel Pub and plans for the next day.



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