Hillfast's Legacy

In Mourning, Faith was Found

A broken leader lies dead. The party is at an impasse. It’s martial leader has fallen. The Lich destroyed and the Black Dragon beaten back, the party’s actors make good for themselves. Rook having made good on his quest disappears with aboard the Lich’s flying carpet. Sibrand similarly vanishes in the post battle confusion.

Glorfindall frantically uses all of his battle training healing devices, but the proud dragonborn is no more. A murder of crows descends upon the remain party. An otherworldly essence bloom in the midst of the dead. As an aspect of the The Raven Queen restores health to Sir Cam Lawbringer’s broken body, a small retinue of guides appear as servants of the Raven Queen. A master of battle, the hard nosed dwarf, Karthas Ironnose is tasked with bringing a fierce edge to the protection of this group. He is haunted though, by visions, visions of a battle yet to come, with thousands of men and beasts throwing themselves at the jaws of war. The ever serene Vasq, brings a peaceful tranquility to the group. Ever faithful to his mistress, Vasq seeks to serve in the capacity of channeler, as needed. The ever so deft, Cicero presents himself with a particular panache and flair. Equally graceful and fluid in motion, Cicero is as persistent as a sharp wind, and possibly as deadly.

With his new found health restored to him, Sir Cam seeks to reform the troops and take a tactical assessment of his resources. The party mounts their horses to return to Longsaddle. Along the road they find a dying Gregor Von Lerron and his already dead aide-de-camp. With Gregor’s dying words he bequeaths his title and lands to his trusted knight, Sir Cam Lawbringer, leaving Cam in charge of a fractured army.

After arriving in Longsaddle, Cam sets about to take stock of his assets while the rest of the party take a moment or two to recover from the harrowing attack they survived. In the wee hours of the morning, the call of the city watch rouses the hardened adventurers. The city’s wall is under attack from a mob of the undead! Without a coordinated plan, and with remarkable effect, the party wipes out the two dozen or so skeletons without a scratch.

The next day, Cicero’s dreams lead the party back to the blasted tower on the edge of town. They descend in the the bowels to find the once tight passageway has been sufficiently improved that the members can walk two abreast. Careful investigation lead the party to the store room and the ash colored portal, where their decorations have since been removed. Cicero, ever curious, finds himself passing through the portal with some experimentation. Upon entering the Shadowfell, Cicero saw in the near distance a huge army encampment. Opting to retreat back and report what he found, Cicero shimmered back into existence in the Mundane World. The party took the news in stride (and why not, the week had already been booked with a Lich and a Dragon…why not a Shadowfell Army…) and opted to demolish the room and seal the Shadowfell portal. A trio of army sappers were located in a bar in town and brought down to set the explosive charges. Once the pyramid was lit, the room was evacuated. Except for Sir Cam, wanting to see this through to completion, waited patiently next to the Warehouse portal. As the fuse burned down close to the charges, the Shadowfell portal rippled. Stepping through, a tall Shadar-kai warrior and his two shadow beasts appeared.

Immediately, aware of that things were not as they should be the hounds descended upon Sir Cam. A furious fight ensued. Cam’s ferocity allowed him to swoop past the first beast an engage the master. The two locked in mortal combat. As the two traded blows, the Warehouse portal shimmered and Glorfindel appeared. Seeing the brave knight gripped in the arms of martial fervor, the cleric summoned the power of his god to knock the foul creatures to the ground for their insolence.

Meanwhile, in town: Cicero and several of the town watch are enjoying mimosas and commenting on how nice the weather is.

Back in the subterranean storeroom, it is a fierce fight. The shadar-kai scoring repeated massive strikes sinking the Dragonborn knight deeper into his primal blood rage.

In town: Hubert is trying on a new hat and gloves.

In the storeroom, the fight rages on. Glorfindel keeps Cam in the fight as the fuse burns ever shorter. Just as the fuse disappears from sight, Cam and Glorfindel leap through the Warehouse portal to safety. In the distance they hear a massive explosion and several townspeople notice smoke and dust rising from a spot deep in the woods outside of town.

The momentary distraction is enough for the shadar-kai to emerge from the portal, hellbent on the destruction of dragonborn interloper. The shadow beast is cut down early in the renewed fight. The rest of the party makes its way toward the sounds of combat within the warehouse. They arrive just in time to gang up on the fierce-some warrior. It is noble Hubert who scores the killing blow as the shadar-kai attempts to retreat through the silvery portal. The party verifies that the room is completely filled in with the earthworks that were, until very recently, situated above it.



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