Hillfast's Legacy

Exploding Meat Chunks

The fight rages on…four foul assemblies of meat intent on smashing the intruders and the party beating them back with every tool at their disposal. The deva is successful in finally reviving the dwarven hedge trimmer.

Karthas takes to the battle like a duck to water, jumping into the fray hacking away in the name of Tempus. The pair of Raven Queen disciples, hook, strike, pull, and punish the golems with creative uses of shadow-stuff. Sir Cam, in single combat continues to beat down and knock down his solo monster in the corner. The tactically minded Pixie, continued to call out opportunities for the dragonborn and dwarf to hack away at the monster’s lifeblood. The resident mage, with his aloof and almost comical pink comets of death, dealt quite a bit of damage, chinking away at the constructs.

Finally, one of them falls and the party can focus on the remaining three. It is only moments later, after the party has refocused on the other threats in the room does the fallen golem detonate into flying meat chunks, sinew, bone and other humors does the party realize the danger of destroying these beasts.

One by one, the golems are defeated with superior efforts put forth by the entire party. After taking a moment or two to collect themselves, the party finds a door that leads into the bowels of the tower.



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