Hillfast's Legacy

Everything was fine, until the dragon showed up…

In Waterdeep: Hubert spends an uncomfortable night sleeping in the lich’s lair.

On Merchant’s Pass: at the place that will become known as “The Fields of Seared Souls”, Gregor’s Army and the Daggers plot their attack. Glorfindall prepares a vessel filled with fluid blessed by his hand to help repel the undead wizard. Cam renews his commitment to Gregor and they talk about tactics to take down the lich. The rest of the party and army attempt to rest with anxiety running high about the following day’s encounter.

Dawn breaks on a clear and sunny day. The army goes about its normal encamped routine. The first hint that something is amiss is a stray dark cloud that seems to travel of its own volition…straight up the road. The cloud stops in a hover above the camp and as the cloud dissipates, an ornate flying carpet with the goblin menace astride can be seen.
Gregor give the order for archers to loose their arrows. The goblin vanishes and the arrows hit very little but the carpet itself.

Dox’ilbis brings the carpet lower and unleashes his opening attack. The party responds and a fierce battle ensues. Allistar is able to dismount the lich from the carpet and bring the fight within reach of the soldiers. Rook seeing his prize readily available mounts the carpet and swoops into combat. The pitched fight looks to be in the party’s favor until a large black shadow passes over the battle and the roiling, visceral dragonfear swept amoungst the combatants. Cam hurls an arcane blast at the lich as he attempts to escape during the distraction, easily destroying the damned creature. The lich’s kit falling to the ground proves too attractive a prize for the dragon who swoops in to gather up the loot.

Things get a little fuzzy here…somehow Allistar summons into being a huge Carrion Crawler who proceeds to attack the dragon. In the next instant the dragon is behind the cleric and Cam is in the Crawler’s clutches. Then Sibrand…in his wisdom mounts the dragon without a saddle and is promptly bitten for his trouble. With his (or hers…did anyone check the gender of the dragon?) attempts to leave with his newly acquired magical loot thwarted by the Crawler, the dragon rains down a torrent of burning acid that all but decimates the party its troops. Cam falls, Sibrand falls, Hubert falls (wait…when did he get here?), but lo and behold…Rook is bebopping around on his flying carpet all fine and dandy like… Glorfindall is able to get Hubert and Sibrand back into the fight with his strong connection to Bahamut energized by a fight with an evil dragon. Rook barely escapes the dragon’s attempt to snatch the carpet, ironically from below his feet. The treasure hunter finds safe harbor in the woods, away from the fight.

The black dragon takes to the air once again after punishing the crawler for its repeated insolence. As the dragon escapes, Glorfindall goes about healing the most injured.

Brave Sir Cam Lawbringer lies badly injured. The cleric prays and channels his strongest healing magics into the dragonborn knight, but he expires due to injuries sustained in combat.

In a sea of broken and charred bodies, amoungst the flith of war, the pools of acid stands this small group of heroes, mourning the loss of their once proud leader.



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