Hillfast's Legacy

A Black Cloud on a Summer's Day

YR 1497


The morning started strangely enough. As the men drilled in the yard a blackened cloud moved curiously across the sky. It seemed to have settled in place of the sun and directly over the vile tower of Dox’ilbis the Black Mage. I stepped up onto the drill sergeant’s platform for a better look. The tower exploded when a bolt of lightning struck it. I could see thick black smoke pouring out of the whole and the tower seemed to have been ablaze. Brigadesmen were dispatched with a wagon and pails to try and put out the fire. The tower is a little ways up the Trader’s Road, but fire is always a fear. I could see the men and cart make their way up the road when a man riding a carpet appeared from out of the smoke. Purple black lightening leap from the marauder’s hands as he raked the brigadesmen with death from above.

As he got closer I could see that it was Dox’ilbis on the flying carpet. Laughing maniacally he threw magical death down upon the city starting fires everywhere his attacks struck. I knew that the town’s defense were no match for this powerful magic. I called my closest bannermen to my side and we rode forth to try and find my family and guide them to safety. Marie and sweet Allie we not home and the fires were spreading in town. One of my men, Neville told me that many of the fortunate were fleeing on Trader’s Road towards Mirabar. We caught up with the refugee caravan and I searched for my precious family.

That night, the grief nearly drowned me. My dear wife and daughter were lost to me. Janice, my wife’s friend asked if I had word of Marie. Elven wine consoled me. It wrapped me in its sweet arms and made me forget. It gave me strength and resolve to vow vengeance upon that devil’s spawn mage. I am heartened that a young knight, Cam and his squire have sworn an oath to me to kill this mage. In the morning we ride to meet Hamil’s army and perhaps the garner the armsmen needed for my quest to destroy this abomination.


Young Brent the forge’s assistant brought me Allie’s body last night. He found it at the edge of the woods as he sought cover from the rampaging mage. Her delicate neck ravaged by a blade. Her innocence stolen too young, and the blood, so much blood. By Amaunator and Tempus I swear this mage shall die.

We arrive at Hamil’s camp. He grants me the men I need and we are further graced by Nil the Grey, Hamil’s war wizard. This afternoon I attend my daughter’s funeral and tomorrow I seek my vengeance.

Lord Gregor Von Lerron



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