Hillfast's Legacy

Damn Dice Game

While the Battle for Luskan rages on, Karthas feels the Battle Lord’s call and wades into the fray. Maledixit-ala, follows seeing his chance to fight for the glory of his liege.

Sir Cam and the rest of the company, having recently come into the possession of a nice wagon, leave it secured at the North Gate and charge into battle to help secure the city from the bands of evil entities that have taken up residence.

Wading hip deep into men, beasts, gore, and blood the party cuts a swath south toward the Blood Island. Army engineers work to repair sabotage efforts on the bridge proper. The fighting on the south side of the River sludge is fierce. The party can see the main army is pushing its way from the South Gate towards the market.

Blood Island seems to be held fast by waves of the undead that pour out from the coast of Blood Island and are making their way over the bridge, ignoring their comrade that plummet through holes in the decking. Karthas, Cam, and the guiding light of Bahamut through his vassal Glorfindall lead the charge against the foul corruptions of unlife. A Lance of Faith explodes several ghouls and skeletons long before Karthas’ axe decimates the front ranks. Cam snarls and shears appendages from bodies as he moves and darts through the ranks of undead. Cicero lightfoots on the edges of the bridge, avoiding the swallow of melee, in favor of delivering monstrous damage to various outliers, commending their souls return to the Raven Queen. Maladixit-ala finds his precision arrow placement a fine complement to Karthas’ sheer battle savagery. A friendly competition ensues with Karthas ultimately winning with a total of 17 confirmed kills to Mala’s 14.

As the company presses the undead over the edges of the bridges or pounds them into submission, they approach the end and solid footing once again. Advancing on the tower, vile attacks and curses are flung down from the windows. When the company and the surviving engineers arrive in the shadow of the tower, a great cracking noise is hear and felt. The earth below their feet collapses and the party is plunged into the lower chambers of the tower. Cam, Glorfindall, and Vasq throw themselves at the edges of the ring and cling for dear life as the rest of the party plummets below. (Yes, yes Maladixit-ala just flutters there for a second before moving over solid ground.) The party falls into a laboratory of various creatures living and half living.

As Karthas lands on elderly human male in robes (who kindly breaks his fall) he hears the horrid snapping sound of his right arm being wrenched in a very wrong direction. As his vision fades, he hears the call and response cadence of an old war chant….

Vasq and Allistar find themselves surrounded by half assembled abominations that are partially animated.


I killed 17 people and the fall does me it! Awesome story

Damn Dice Game

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