Hillfast's Legacy

A Company Forged in a Funeral Pyre

Sir Gregor’s newly commissioned army breaks camp and a vangaurd force, Gregor’s Dagger, is sent out under the sturdy leadership of Sir Cam Lawbringer, rapidly becoming one of Gregor’s trusted banner men.

Cam’s man-at-arms, his squire, Hubert seems to have a problem with dwarven ale and buxom women.

The company’s warmage, Allistar, is a slightly aloof mage with a deadly pink missile.

The company also has a cleric, Glorfindall, a radiant being with a ardent faith in the Platinum Dragon that manifests in powerful attacks.

Providing safe passage, Sibrand, acts as lead ranger and scout. He has aquitted himself of being quite skilled with short swords.

En route west, to Hillfast, to hunt down the mage Dox’ilbis….

Sensing an ambush Simbrand dismounts and makes his way into the woods on the southern side of the road. Glorfindell also feels that things are not right and moves his horse up close to Sir Cam to provide cover. Simbrand, as silent as a marching band ninja, is able to ambush an archer and foil the trap. For his troubles a small inky black apparition appears at the feet of his fallen foe. Cam dismounts and charges into the woods and is rewarded with an arrow to the shoulder. The offending archer then turns and runs as
Allister dispatches him with a blazing pink missile, exploding his head. The distraction is enough for the scout to close on another bandit and cleave him in two.

Arrows flash out of the north woods at the unprotected cleric and mage. A lucky shield placement saves the mage from being wounded. Ranger and knight now fully aware that more scoundrels occupy the northern woods, charge head long across the road, with the little inky minion following behind. The dragonborn knight rears back and unleashes his mighty heritage and projectile vomits acid, slaying one of the villains. Glorfindall seeing his chance summons a mighty shimmering lance and skewers an archer to a tree. Simbrand’s woodsy knowhow brings him within striking distance of the final marauder and takes him out with his patented Ginsu move.

Thinking that the fight is over, Simbrand avoids being brained by deftly raising his sword and nearly impaling an assassin that left down from the tree. The fight is on now. Simbrand, Cam, and the thug trade regular blows, whilest the spellcasters pranced on their horses and throw random golden shafts and pink missiles towards the new threat. Ultimately, the menace is defeated and our heroes are victorious.

The bandit’s bodies are strung up as a warning, the slain children are given rites and buried, and the leader of this gang’s body is sent to the main column to assuage Sir Gregor’s grief, that his daughter’s assassin had been punished.



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