Hillfast's Legacy

An Poor NPC Just Trying to Get by in the World!

The door to the library bursts open and the harried supplicant throw himself prostrate in front of the master. Desperately struggling to breathe, the supplicant blurts out “O Glorious Master Kularkuthon, greatest keeper of mystical rites, sovereign ruler of this domain, the machine has been repaired.”

A single eye stalk turns away from the book it was reading to glare menacingly at the tortured creature lying on the ground. A gargled “What has taken you so long to inform me? Time is fleeting, Slopp.” With that the massive orb turns and exits the room, returning on the path that the supplicant had just run.

“I must remember to praise Slopp, there are times when my passion bubble is just too close to the surface. I must contain my rage to focus on the task at hand. At last, I believe I can finally correct the ritual that those ignorant cultists began, before all is lost.” Kularkuthon thought to himself. Minutes later, entering the large chamber, the strange eye beast briefly surveys the hordes of cultists he’s been force to dominate to prevent the completion of summoning ritual.

“Yes, it is here in the text, a specially prepared binding device is required. I don’t have that, but a modified domination cage should do the trick.” the hovering ball murmured to himself. “Now…where was the injection point? Ah yes…” Just then a gargantuan metal bull crashed down into Kularkuthon’s work table, scattering a dozen books in all directions, before disappearing.

“What the fuck?!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!!!! The ritual has been disrupted!!!! My work!!!! All is lost!!!! Who is responsible for this calamity?” Eye stalks all turn searching for a reason that gravity afflicted bovine were appearing. A large dragon-mutant looking man-beast flutters in the space over Kul’s top eye stalk.

“DIE you foul, insolent cultist! DIE!!!”

The dragon beast vomits acid as Kul, which he easily evades. But the attack does slay some of the dragon beast’s cultist allies. Before too long it becomes clear that the cultists have mounted a counter assault to regain control over the summoning chamber. Kul is enraged! Flinging spells from his eye stalks in all directions, he bats down the cultist on the giant fly, sending him reeling against the far wall. A cultist priest speaking the vile tongue of the summoned monster, begging for it to rise up and bring forth its wrath. The priest is mildly stunned at the monster’s response.

While distracted by the exchange, the dragon pest is able to deliver a blow that disorients Kul. Scrambling to put some distance between him and his attacked, Kul retreats higher into the chamber only to discover more cultists hiding on the ledge!_ “The vermin are everywhere!”_ Just the Kul receives a crushing blow from the now fully formed elemental creature. _ “Must move that thing away from me…that tunnel looks safe enough, then I can escape.”_ The eye stalk affectionately known as “Mickey” blasts the elemental with teleportation magic, wedging the beast in the tunnel system a safe distance away.
“Now I can affect my escape…what’s this, one of the smallest vermin has leapt into my mouth…hmm…I suppose a snack is in order.”

The snack as it turned out, was spikier then expected…it is at about this point the Kularkuthon loses his sensibilities and begins a desperate, rage-fuelled, defense of himself…

Will our hero survive? Will help arrive in time?

Tune in next time for the continuation of “An Poor NPC Just Trying to Get by in the World!”



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