Hillfast's Legacy

A Father's Grief

YR 1497



My grief and rage provokes me to unrest. I cannot stomach the cook’s food. This gods’ forsaken march progresses too slowly. I should have sought more swift footed rangers or begged my brother for more mounted men. Part of me hopes that my Dagger Company catches this bastard mage and has him gutted like a fish. They seem to be an odd but sturdy group.


Good squire Hubert’s arrival stunned me and raised my hopes to an untold high. His news was good but not great. The Daggers subdued the bandits responsible for my dear sweet Allie’s murder. I begged him return to his master and complete the task I employed them to.

Later day

The Dagger’s ranger and medic reporting that a huge weapons cache is secreted in a warehouse in Hillsfast. The cleric seemed swayed that the mage seeks to raise an army of the dead townspeople and use the weapons cache to arm them. The ranger suggested I take the cache, which may be a profitable solution to enlarging my expedition to sate vengeance. I am shocked and appalled to learn that Cam, the Dagger’s commander is sleeping whilst his men seek this mage for me. I have demanded his presence.

Sir Gregor Von Lerron



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